IHM NASU was damaged by the attack of rashist drones



     The department was established in 1961. Its main task was to conduct a fundamental theoretical and experimental researches in the field of mechanics related to studying of mechanisms of sound generation by fluid flow, excitation of vibrations and waves in elastic bodies contacting with the liquid, interaction of acoustic perturbations with nonstationary turbulent flows. An important direction of research was studying of the possibility to control sound generation and propagation of sound waves in the fluid. For many years the Department was headed by the Academician of NASU V.T. Grinchenko. Since 2017, Dr. N.S.Gorodetska is Head of the Department.

     In 2017, the Department was joined with the Research Department of Dynamics of Elastic Systems in a Fluid.


     To develop the recommendations for creation of hydroacoustic antennas receiving the low frequency signals, features of flow formation and characteristics of the coherent structures in flow past long flexible cylinders were thoroughly studied. A system of sensors has been created which physical properties and geometrical allow the experimental determining of the parameters of the turbulent pressure fluctuations on the streamlined surface.

     The methods for analysis of the characteristics of stationary and non-stationary sound field generated by various types of transducers are developed. A coupled problem of electroelasticity is solved that allows developing of the recommendations on matching of characteristics of energy sources and vibration systems. The special types of sound radiators in water are created that efficiently use the effects of elastic-fluid interaction to control the resonance properties of the mechanical components of the radiator.

The methods for modeling of human respiratory sounds are developed. The system for recording, storing and processing of respiratory sounds is created. It forms the basis of a computer phonorespirographic complex that clinical use is permitted by the Ministry y of Health of Ukraine. The requirements for sensors used for recording of sounds from human body surface are justified and such sensors are created. On the basis of developed scientific recommendations, the electronic samples of the phonendoscopes overcoming he drawbacks typical for existing mechanical devices intended for cardiac and lungs auscultation are developed and created . The approaches to identifying of certain lung diseases are developed on the basis of modern methods of analysis of respiratory sounds.

The developments of our department were used for creating of hydroacoustic devices. The methods for recording and processing of the respiratory sounds are used in clinics of Ukraine.