VII International Research & Practical Conference "Computer Hydromechanics"

Dear colleagues!

The Institute of Hydromechanics of NAS of Ukraine invites to participate in

VII International Conference "Computer hydromechanics"

The conference will be held in the Institute of Hydromechanics of NAS of Ukraine
(Kyiv, Marii Kapnist str. [ex-Zhelyabov], 8/4) on September 29-30, 2020.


Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Academician of NASU Victor Grinchenko (IHM NASU, Kyiv)

Vice-Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Corr.Member of NASU Gennadii Voropaiev (IHM NASU, Kyiv)

Members of the Program Committee

Academician of NASU S.O.Dovgyi (IHM NASU, Kyiv)

Corr.Member of NASU V.I.Timoshenko (ITM NASU, Dnipro)

Corr.Member of NASU O.M.Timokha (IM NASU, Kyiv)

Prof. V.S.Maderych (IPMMS NASU, Kyiv)

Prof. Ye.O.Shkvar (IHM NASU, Kyiv)

Dr.Sci. S.V.Alekseenko (DNU, Dnipro)

Dr.Sci. V.S.Malyuga (IHM NASU, Kyiv)

Members of the Organizing Committee

Dr.Sci. V.A.Voskoboinick (IHM NASU, Kyiv)

Ph.D. N.V.Rozumnyuk (IHM NASU, Kyiv)

Ph.D. V.I.Korobov (IHM NASU, Kyiv)

Ph.D. Ia.V.Zagumennyi (IHM NASU, Kyiv)

Ph.D. O.O.Baskova (IHM NASU, Kyiv)


Ph.D. Natalia Dimitrieva (IHM NASU, Kyiv)


  • Computer modeling of problems of continuum mechanics
  • Numerical methods in continuum mechanics
  • Problems of hydrodynamic stability
  • Turbulence
  • Control of vortex structures in non-isothermal flows
  • Computer methods of experiment processing

Important Dates:

31.07.2020 – Submission of registration forms and materials of reports (Deadline)

15.08.2020 – Notification of acceptance:

 29-30.09.2020 – Conference meeting

Registration fee of 200 UAH in cash can be paid on the day of registration.
Graduate and postgraduate students are exempted from the registration fee.

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