IHM NASU was damaged by the attack of rashist drones


The Laboratory was created by a Decree of President of Ukraine in 2003 with the aim of improving of environmental situation in the regions of doing high-power industrial explosions.

Main directions of activity

  • coordination of researches in field of mining seismology for improving of ecological situation in Ukraine, performed by branch institutes, specialized laboratories, standardization, metrology and certification scientific-production centers, expert centers, etc.;
  • implementation of an independent supervision of the level of seismic impact of technological explosions followed by the issuance of expert advices on the evaluation of their seismic level and development of safe explosion parameters, assessment of technical conditions of the objects for acceptability of seismic level;
  • supervision of enterprise compliance to requirements of legal acts in the field of industrial safety.

To perform the researches, two groups interacting with each other are formed at the laboratory.

A Group for Theoretical Studying of the Dynamic Activity of Blast Waves on the Environment and Engineering Structures is involved in mathematical modeling of mechanism of wave processes formation in the focus of explosion along with the laws of their propagation in the homogeneous and stratified soils and rocks at presence the barriers and structural elements. The numerical methods for creation of the algorithms and software for specific tasks are developed for modeling of:

  • single and multiple explosions of cylindrical charges;
  • wave propagation in the homogeneous and stratified soils at presence of barriers and structural elements;
  • interaction of the seismic blast waves with protected underground and surface objects.


A Group for Experimental Studies on the Seismic Safety of Man-Made Explosions deals with:

  • creation of a modern digital complex for recording of rapid oscillatory processes, including the seismic blast waves;
  • development of methods for determining of seismic resistance of various objects with taking into account of frequency characteristics of the blast wave and the object for calculation of the parameters of blasting;
  • expert evaluation of the unplanned explosions with the allowance for various destructive factors.

The theoretical and practical activity of the laboratory consists, as follows, in:

  • developing of new  seismosafe technologies of blasting and evaluation of existing technologies with the subsequent issuance of recommendations;
  • developing of standard documentation for assessing of acceptable levels of seismic safety for different types of objects;
  • preliminary expert assessment of the projects for special blasting intended for destruction of the objects in the light of the seismic safety of protected sites;
  • analysis and expert evaluation of accidental explosions, terrorist attacks, etc.

The laboratory carries out the separated and on-job training of doctoral students and post-graduates for scientific degrees in the following fields:

05.15.09 - geotechnical and rock mechanics;

05.15.03-open mining.

Our results give a significant contribution to the development of the regulatory framework in Ukraine:

  • the improved regulations on defining of the seismic safety of buildings and structures in man-made explosions are protected by two copyright certificates;
  • two National Standards of Ukraine in this field are developed and put into operation.