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In 2017 the Department was joined with the Research Department of Stratified Flows. Now it is headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Stepan Ivanovich Kril.

S. I. Kril is a known scientist in the field of hydrodynamics of multiphase media. He obtained important results concerning the fundamental and applied studies of turbulent flows of suspensions and gas mixtures in pipes. He is an author of over 140 scientific papers, including five monographs and four tutorials;В  prepared four Candidates and one Doctor of Sciences; is a member of the Specialized Scientific Council for Doctoral and Candidate Theses, member of the Editorial Boards of scientific journals and proceedings on applied hydrodynamics, hydraulics and hydraulic engineering. Prof. Kril actively continues training of the students.

Research Directions:

  • drainage devices of polymeric materials;
  • geotextiles for hydraulic engineering construction;
  • landslide installations and activities for protection of landslides and landslide hazardous areas.

The Department fulfills the experimental and theoretical studies of structures in horizontal, vertical and radial drainage, fiber filters; performs the practical implementation of reclamation and hydraulic engineering constructions; carries out the experimental-industrial verification of their operation. The calculation methods and regulations on the design of drainage for different purposes and drainage filters of synthetic fiber materials are created. These developments are protected by copyrights and patents.

Modern filtration geotextiles for hydraulic engineering construction are studied experimentally and theoretically. These materials are resistant to external forces, allow the obtaining of cheap engineering designs for different operating conditions.

The effects of buried structures on hydrogeologic conditions of surrounding areas are theoretically and experimentally studied in the Department. Within these frameworks, the mathematical models and laws for patterns of groundwater levels rise have been developed, depending on the design of buried structures and wall drainage.

The Department possesses the hydraulic and filtration laboratories in which experimental investigations in the following areas are carried out:

  • studying of fluid hydraulics in hydraulic and wave trays;
  • studying of filtration properties of soils, natural and artificial porous materials;
  • studying of the strength characteristics of synthetic filter media;
  • studying of interaction of geotextiles with the ground;
  • studying of strength of low-cohesive soil at prolonged exposure to static and dynamic loads.

The studies on the soil strength are conducted in two ring shear benchmarks (the original equipment patented in Ukraine). This allows studying of strength behavior of the soils subjected to watering, filtration and dynamic effects.