I.O.Morgun, V.G.Savin
Acoustic-to-electric pulse transforming by a spherical pieziceramic shell baffled with an external elastic shell

Acoustic bulletin, Vol. 10 3, (2007) p.60-69
The thin-walled spherical piezoceramic shell enveloped with an elastic shell through a liquid layer and excited by plane non-stationary pressure wave has been studied within the framework of a non-stationary problem of hydroelectroelasticity. The used approach is based on satisfying the boundary conditions in space of originals and on reducing the problem to solving the integral equations. For chosen configuration of the baffled shell, its electric response to acoustic pulses of various shape has been studied. Numerous physical features of the system behavior have been revealed.
electroacoustic transforming, spherical shell, acoustic baffle, unsteady exitation, pulse distortion