O.V.Avramenko, I.T.Selezov
Effect of inhomogeneity of elastic layer placed between two different fluid media on the wave propagation

Acoustic bulletin, Vol. 3 1, (2000) p.04-09
Propagation of harmonic waves in hydroelastic system consisting of inhomogeneous elastic layer placed between two compressible fluids with different physical properties is investigated. Numerical analysis of the dispersion equation is carried out for phase velocities less than the greater sound velocity of two fluids. The dispersion equation has two real roots corresponding to quasisymmetric and quasiasymmetric oscillations of the layer. The two limiting cases are considered: a layer between two fluid media with different properties and an inhomogeneous layer between the same fluid media. The wave modes are presented for longitudinal and transverse diplacements, shear and normal stresses in elastic layer. It is established from analysis of waves modes that inhomogeneities of the layer can lead to strong concentration of wave fields both in central part (inhomogeneity of the first type), and near boundaries of the layer (inhomogeneity of the second type).
hydroelastic system, heterogeneous elastic layer, concentration of wave fields