G.R.Gulgazaryan, L.G.Gulgazaryan
Vibration localized near the free end of semi-infinite open moment free cylindrical shell

Acoustic bulletin, Vol. 2 4, (1999) p.42-48
Some specific features of the wave process in bounded thin cylindrical shells are considered. The problem of existence of the peculiar forms of vibration with localization of disturbances near free edge of semi-infinite open cylindrical shell with arbitrary smooth directing curve is studied. Along the boundary rulings the simple support boundary conditions are specified. The investigation have been carried out for thin elastic shell when bending rigidity is vanishingly small (the moment free shell). The method of solution of the corresponding boundary problem is described. The calculations were carried out for shells with directing curve in form of a parabola with different values of curvature. The limits of the shell parameter changing are determined when the proper vibrations with localization of motion near edges in eigenforms exist. The corresponding eigenfrequency values are calculated.
a moment free shell, edge localization of motions, eigenforms