I.V.Vovk, S.L.Dahnov, V.V.Krizhanovskii, V.N.Oliynik
Changes of acoustical characteristics of breath noise of pneumonic patients in process of convalsecence

Acoustic bulletin, Vol. 2 4, (1999) p.3-12
By means of the adaptive and the spectral-time techniques the changes in asoustical characteristics of the breath noise of pneumonic patients in the process of convalescense were investigated. It was shown the high efficiency of the both techniques for obtaining the information about current changes of severity of the disease and its localization. It was established that adaptive technique allows to estimate the general state of the respiratory tract of patient under investigation, and the spectral-time technique gives the possibility for estimation of the dynamics of practically all main and the additional features of the breath noise.
respiratory sounds, acoustic characteristics, adaptive classification, spectral-time method, the dynamics of recovery