V.D.Kubenko, A.V.Kuz'ma
Effect of boundaries of compressible fluid on axisymmetrical vibrations of spherical body in a vessel

Acoustic bulletin, Vol. 2 3, (1999) p.49-59
The axisymmetrial oscillations of ideal compressible liquid column with pulsing or oscillating spherical body into circular cylindrical container are considered. Field of velocity potential built as combination of series of spherical functions for Helmholtz's equation and solutions in integral form for cylindrical coordinates. The boundary conditions on spherical surface, rigid cylindrical wall and on flat free surface are took into account and boundary problem reduced to infinite algebraic system for coefficients of potential that solved by truncation method. The result for stress field for wavelength longer radius, first critical wavelengths are expounded. Hydrodynamic forces for pulsating body are considered and averaged over period values analized. All result compared with ones for semi-infinite space and for incompressible or compressible endless liquid columns in cylindrical cavity.
column of a compressible fluid, cylindrical vessel, spherical body, pulsations, oscillations