I.V.Vovk, V.T.Grinchenko, S.L.Dahnov, V.V.Krizhanovskii, V.N.Oliynik
Human respiratory noise: objectivization of auscultatory tags

Acoustic bulletin, Vol. 2 3, (1999) p.11-32
The retrospective review is presented concerning the techniques utilized for objectivization of auscultatory tags of the breath noise in the last two decades. The modern views on a nature of the breath noise are enunciated, and literary data on the possible reasons of origins of basic and complementary respiratiory sounds are systematized. On basis of use of a spectral-time technique of analysis and visual representation of composite sound signals the opportunities of objectivization are demonstrated for a number auscultatory tags. There was made an attempt to classify the different types of wheezes by character of their spectral components.
basic and complementary breath sounds, diagnostic features, spectral-time methods, respirosonograms