O.V.Avramenko, I.T.Selezov
Wave propagation along elastic layer, embedded between two different fluids

Acoustic bulletin, Vol. 2 3, (1999) p.3-10
Propagation of harmonic waves in hydroelastic system consisting of uniform elastic layer situated between two compressible fluids with different physical properties is investigated. A dispersion equation is derived and analysed numerically for phase velocities lower than the greater sound velocity of two fluids. The dispersion equation has two real roots close to symmetric and asymmetric oscillations of the layer confined from the both sides by the same fluids. Limiting case of the same fluids when the problem is separated into two independent ones, as well as limiting cases of Rayleigh and Stoneley waves, are considered. The expressions for displacements, shear and normal stresses are obtained. Corresponding wave modes are determined and their properties are analysed.
elastic layer, compressible fluid, the Rayleigh waves, the Stoneley waves, wave modes