The sound propagation through zone of coupling of the plane and wedge-shaped waveguides

Acoustic bulletin, Vol. 2 1, (1999) p.31-41
Solution of a problem on sound propagation in the structure that is a coupling of plane and wedge-shaped waveguides has been developed. Field characteristics are being represented through eigenfunctions of the plane and the wedge-shaped waveguides. To match the fields of the two waveguides the intermediate domain having the shape of part of circle has been introduced into consideration. This introduction has allowed to match exactly the sound fields in waveguides of different geometry. There the dependence of the energy coefficient of sound propagation through a zone of coupling on the parameters of waveguide. Also, the corresponding changes in structure of the field have been investigated. The conditions of radiation of a piston situated in the plane waveguide with horn have been analysed.
composite waveguide, method of partial domains, transmission coefficient