Planar asymmetric problem of colission of rigid obtuse wedge with surface of compressible fluid

Acoustic bulletin, Vol. 2 1, (1999) p.22-30
Planar problem of vertical collision with compressible fluid of a rigid obtuse wedge with sides having different inclination to undisturbed surface of fluid is under consideration. By techniques of Laplas integral transform with respect to time, decoupling of variables, cosine and sine Fourier transform the solution of mixed boundary problem has been reduced to solution of infinite system of Volterra's linear integral equations of the second order with respect to coefficients of Fourier deconvolution for hydrodynamical pressure. In the numerical example for sumberging wedges with different masses and different deadrise angles the time dependences of hydrodynamical force, moment of reaciton, angle of asymmetry and Mach numbers of sides of the wedge are presented.
obtuse wedge, free surface of a liquid, asymmetric collision