B.B.Kolupaev, V.V.Levchuk, Yu.R.Maximtsev, B.S.Kolupaev
Viscoelastic moduli and internal friction in a metal-filled polyvinylchloride

Acoustic bulletin, Vol. 16 1, (2013-2014) p.27-32
The paper deals with studying of viscoelastic constants of PVC-systems, i.e., their Young's, shear and dilatation moduli as well, as internal friction with respect to the amplitude of external impact, type and fraction of nanodispersed metal and temperature. We have shown the role of shear and dilatation viscosity in dissipation of energy of ultrasound as well, as influence of hydrodynamic effect and adhesion at the PVC-bulking agent interface on formation of composite's viscoelastic properties.
a metal-filled polyvinylchloride, nanoparticles, viscoelastic moduli, internal friction, ultrasound