N.S.Gorodetskaya, E.A.Nedil'ko
Propagation of antisymmetric waves in a step-wise elastic waveguide

Acoustic bulletin, Vol. 16 1, (2013-2014) p.16-26
The paper deals with calculating of a diffraction of the Rayleigh-Lamb wave on a vertical interface boundary of the waveguide formed by a strong contact of two halfstrips with different widths using the method of superposition. The two frequency ranges where the energy of the field reflected from the interface increases are shown to exist in the case of incidence of the first normal wave. The first maximum is found near the locking frequency for the second propagating wave in the wider waveguide. The second peak exists at higher frequencies where two propagating waves are observed in the wider waveguide.
a superposition method, step-wise elastic waveguide, the Rayleigh-Lamb waves, energy transformation, normal waves