A.N.Bol'shakov, A.S.Zapevalov, V.E.Smolov
Reflection of acoustic waves from large-scale inhomogeneities of the sea surface

Acoustic bulletin, Vol. 10 3, (2007) p.6-11
The paper deals with analyzing the effect of the deviation of the sea surface wave distribution from Gaussian on formation of the acoustic field reflected at from surface ocean-atmosphere. The corresponding wave recording measurements have been carried out at the oceanographic platform of the Marine Hydrophysical Institute of NAS of Ukraine. The dependencies, describing the deviations of the real reflection factor from the model one (calculated for the Gaussian surface), have been developed. The maximal value of absolute deviation was recorded at the Rayleigh parameters of R≫2. The relative error increases rapidly with the Rayleigh parameter. So, at R=1.6 it is as much as 15%, and may exceed 100% at R≫2.5.
sound reflection, sea surface, wave deviation, Gaussian distribution, non-Gaussian distribution, the Rayleigh parameter