A.G.Lieko, V.G.Savin, V.P.Tkachenko, Yu.E.Shamarin
Features of interaction of plane acoustic wave with cylindrical grating consisting of piezoceramic cylindrical transducers

Acoustic bulletin, Vol. 3 1, (2000) p.51-60
A numerical analysis of conjugated fields, which appear in circular and arc cylindrical arrays consisting of thin-walled piezoelectric ceramic cylindrical transducers was performed for interaction of those arrays with plane acoustical waves. The physical regularities of influence of mentioned interaction on acoustical, mechanical and electrical fields of arrays were established in dependence from parameters of transducers, arrays and waves. It was shown that interaction of transducers in such system controls a loss of angular uniformity of acoustical mechanical and electrical fields of separate transducers as well, as an acquiring of directed properties by whole system. The significant role of the internal domain of circular arrays is shaping of their scattering diagrams was established.
and circular arc gratings, piezoceramic cylinder, scattering diagram