Vertical asymmetric collision of parabolic cylinder with surface of compressible fluid

Acoustic bulletin, Vol. 3 1, (2000) p.10-22
A plane problem on vertical collision with the surface of a compressible fluid, is considered for case of rigid parabolic cylinder when the axis of its symmetry does not coincide with a normal line in a point of its tangency by unperturbed surface of a fluid. On basis of methods of Laplace integral transforms with respect to time, separation of variables, theorem about convolution of originals of two functions, decomposition in a Fourier series with respect to the complete trigonometric system of functions, the solution of a non-stationary mixed boundary problem of continuum mechanics with beforehand unknown varying boundary is reduced to the solution of infinite system of linear integral Volterra's equations of the second kind with respect to coefficients of decomposition of hydrodynamic pressure in a Fourier series. In the numerical example for submerging parabolic cylinders with different masses and initial angles of asymmetry there are given the time dependences of a hydrodynamic force, moment of response, angle of asymmetry, boundaries of the contact area, and also the distribution of hydrodynamic pressure on a wetted surface of body.
asymmetric collision, parabolic cylinder, immersion in the liquid, contact area